Mother Crucifix Caputo Academy is a mission school of the Congregation of the sisters of St. John the Baptist whose apostolate on the Formation of children and youth through Preschool and Junior High School Catholic Education. The school accommodates and caters to the education needs of the poor and indigent youths who cannot afford a good education.

Likewise, the community extends Catechism in the Public Elementary School within the neighboring Barangays. The community also offers a livelihood program to poor families through Turmeric Tea 12 in 1 production, and farming.

Divine providence is actively at work in sustaining the sponsorship program for the underprivileged students, as well as in the ongoing needed constructions for the expansion of the school building.


Mother Crucifix Caputo Academy 

Villa Cornejo, Kawayan
6545 Biliran

Address: 9 Willow Street, Superville Subdivision, Parañaque, 1700 Metro Manila
Tel. +63 (02) 823 3622

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Angri. 1839 - 1910
Founder of the Congregation of the
Sisters of St. John the Baptist