The levels of formation offer the opportunity of a progressive journey toward full identification with Jesus. It is a spiritual itinerary where one experiences the call to enter into a personal relationship with the Divine Mystery, so powerfully captivating, transforming the person into a vessel of grace, a chosen witness to the unfolding mysteries of God revealed in one’s life, making one into a leaven for the transformation of the world with the passion to bring the whole of humanity, through our unique Baptistine way, back to the Father. 


The Baptistine Formation in the Philippines goes through various stages:

  • Aspirancy
  • Postulancy
  • Novitiate
  • Temporary Profession
  • Enclosure Program
  • On-Going Formations
    • Balikbayan Program



Program Description:

The Aspirancy Program is designed to gradually offer the young Aspirant, who manifests an inclination and intention for Religious life in the Congregation of the Sisters of St. John the Baptist according to its Charism. It is a welcoming exposure to the Baptistine religious family, giving the possibility to deepen the candidate’s Baptismal consecration and assess her vocational plan toward a free response to God’s call. It is facilitated by an initial yet meaningful experience of prayer, community, and apostolate, meant to help deepen the candidate’s vocational discernment and faith response. Similarly, it provides the Institute with the possibility to assess the candidate and to verify the necessary qualities required by the life of a Baptistine religious. 



Program Description:
The Postulancy Program is the immediate and necessary preparation for the Novitiate Formation. This phase offers developmental and integral formative experiences, suitable conditions, and a supportive environment to enable the candidate to mature as a woman and as a Christian, and in the process enable her to decide freely and consciously to respond to God's invitation for her to the Baptistine Religious Life.
The candidate with her formative community is able to verify her readiness to choose her life’s calling and enter the next phase of formation. Although the candidate is given all time she needs to reach the level of maturity required to enter the Novitiate, such as Human and Christian maturity, general cultural formation, balanced affectivity, ability to live in community under the authority of superior, etc.



Program Description:
The Novitiate constitutes the fundamental period of the formative process. During this time, the novice, through prayer, study and practice of the evangelical counsels, grows in the love of Christ and acquires a more realistic experience of the essential requirements of religious life. The Novice begins to experience discipleship according to the specific Baptistine Spirituality and feels a greater sense of belonging to the Congregation.

The Novitiate, by which life in the Institute begins, is ordered to help the Novice recognize her divine vocation and one which is moreover, proper to the institute, to allow her to experience the Institute’s manner of living, to help her be spiritually formed in mind and heart, and to test the Novice intention and suitability.

The Novice is:

  • To be led to cultivating human and Christian virtues.
  • She is to be introduced to a fuller way of perfection through prayer and self-denial.
  • She is to be instructed to contemplate the mystery of salvation and to read and meditate on the Sacred Scriptures.
  • She is to be trained in a way of life consecrated through the evangelical counsels to God and humankind in Christ. 
  • She is to be educated about the character and spirit, purpose and discipline, history and life of the Institute.

A period of 3 months’ apostolic exposure is given to the Novice during the second year Novitiate in order to integrate her spiritual as well as apostolic life. She remains under the supervision of her Novice Formator. 



Program Description:
The Juniorate Formation is the stage corresponding to the Period of temporary vows extending to the period of preparation for Perpetual Vows. In view of its end and content, the Juniorate means probing, broadening, perfecting, and stabilizing formation in such a way as to lead the religious to the degree of maturity required to assume a definitive commitment and preparedness for carrying out the mission entrusted to her by the Congregation and the Church.

Guided by the Canon Law the newly professed sister is lead fully to the proper life of the Institute carrying out its mission more suitably (cf. Can. 659.1). The formation is systematic, adapted to the formation of the members, spiritual and apostolic, doctrinal and at the same time practical, leading to the acquisition of ecclesiastical and scholastic degrees according to their potentials (cf. Can. 660.1). The gradual integration of the young sister to community and apostolic life, duties, and jobs which would impede their formation are not assigned to her (cf. Can.660.2).

Guided by the Constitutions & the General and Particular Statutes of the Institute, the young Baptistine Sister is to experience on a daily basis a regular community life, completes her theological and pedagogical training and prepares herself for the final profession. (cf. Const. Art 73). The young professed is given the chance to assess and deepen her vocational choice in real life and to make the choice definitive, to strengthen union with God in the experience of pastoral charity and complete her specific professional preparation (cf. Gen. Stat. 75). This period allows the Congregation to be certain of the Sisters’ suitability and admit her ultimately to the final profession (cf. Gen Stat. 76).       


Program Description:
The Juniorate Enclosure is a year of intensive formation for the Junior Sister in view of preparation for Perpetual Vows.

This stage provides the a holistic formation by offering opportunities and experiences for life integration. It is set to give the Junior sister the opportunity to re-assess and deepen her vocational conviction toward a definitive choice, strengthening her union with the Triune God, and allowing the Congregation to confirm her fitness according to its Charism in view of admittance to the final profession of Vows.



Program Description:

The ongoing formation consists of the personal and communal commitment to live a progressive and ongoing transformation in Christ, lived in communion with one’s fellow sisters, placing one’s life at the service of others. It aims is to offer every Baptistine and every community the possibility and the means to truly live their vocation, responding to the needs of the church and society. It allows the Congregation to continue its mission in the Church, living their Founder’s Charism and grow in the variety of situations one is called to serve.

This growth process is binding on every sister. It does not run out within a fixed period of time but involves an ongoing maturation that lasts throughout life.



Any Catholic woman who is free from impediments, with the right intention, and is capable of assuming the obligations of the Baptistine Religious life, may be admitted to the Congregation of the Sisters of St. John the Baptist.

She must be at least 16 - 35 years old, with sound physical and mental health, having at least an average IQ and EQ, with psycho-affective maturity. 

She must be willing to serve children and youth especially the underserved, has expressed the desire to follow Jesus in the Consecrated Life, with good motivations and capacity for serene interpersonal relationships, and is capable to live a meaningful community life.



  1. Original Birth Certificate
  2. Original Baptismal Certificate
  3. Certificate of Confirmation
  4. Medical Certificate
  5. Recommendation from the Parish Church
  6. School Credentials
    • Original Transcript of Records for Professional and Non-Professional
    • Original Diploma
  7. Certificate of Good Moral Character
  8. Parental consent for applicants below 18 years old.

The entrance of the candidate/s for Aspirancy will be any time of the year.


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